Services sector is a major role in steel industry which will integarted with all the players caused drastically revenue increase in service zone. Now to minimize the same outsourcing is best way control the price war in the service zone.

Outsourcing can offer greater budget flexibility and control. Outsourcing allows organizations to pay for the services and business functions they need, when they need them. It also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, brings in fresh engineering expertise, and can reduce capital and operating expenses and risk.

Navonmesh techno services pvt ltd provides comprehensive outsourcing services delivered by qualified expterise. We have extensive experience of working with all sizes, scales and types of organisations. Through our expertise and experience in maintenance management, asset & material management services and training, we contribute by strategically and operationally improving organisational performance and the quality of customer service; resulting in better outputs.

We identify that every organisation's requirements are different and that priorities and conditions change rapidly. Navonmesh have therefore made our services flexible to provide adaptable, long-term solutions.

Our outsourcing services allow client companies to bring together a team of motivated, productive personal who are willing and keen to make a positive contribution. It is measured by performance and has become a partner in the venture.

Our client company maintains their input in the recruitment of maintenance personal. Navonmesh personnel function under the direction of client's management team but operate as service provider dependent on total deliverable and efficient / effective services. The development of common goals and the alignment of business objectives to couple to realistic base lining allow contract performance to be accurately measured.